Eviction Statement

On Thursday 19th February the Leeds Community Project (LCP) was threatened with charges of trespassing despite their legal occupation of 6 Grosvenor Mount. These are our understandings of today’s events.

This morning, and for the third time, Leeds University security staff illegally entered the site and in response to this the LCP contacted the police for their removal. Upon arrival, rather than addressing the breach of section 6 (Criminal Law Act 1977) by the University’s security staff, the police arrested the LCP members on suspicion of theft of electricity. These were wrongful arrests as LCP had accounts set-up in order to pay for the electricity. As a result of the arrests the site was no longer occupied by LCP and the university was able to reclaim it. Other members of LCP arrived soon after and were threatened with detainment for trespassing. Given this ultimatum, LCP members chose to leave to avoid any further arrests.

We are working hard to ensure the detained LCP members are released as soon as possible. LCP is exploring its legal options regarding the unlawful and unjust eviction that occurred today and is committed to continuing its resistance to the development of 6 Grosvenor Mount.


Our General Meeting will still be happening on Saturday at 3pm at the Chunk (275 Meanwood Road, LS7 2JD) Please come along to support the project!

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